Tito Ortiz tuvo cirugia en la espalda

Updated: octubre 9, 2008
Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz

El pasado lunes 6 de octubre Tito Ortiz fue sometido a cirugía para corregir un problema en la espalda baja. Problema que ya tenia bastante tiempo causándole dolor.

Tito dice que UFC no se hizo cargo de los gastos de esta operación, siendo que la lesión fue adquirida en el octágono:

The kicker to this whole story is that the UFC denied my claim for coverage of my debilitating back injury OBVIOUSLY acquired in the octagon.

This was the last kick in the gut made by the UFC. After all of the battling, and allegiance I pledged to them, they now have stooped so low as to not give me the medical care I so desperately needed. I am not surprised at there last effort to hurt me, so I took it upon myself to get myself my surgery in hopes that my fight career will jump back on track and I will be back to the explosive monster I always have been.
Tito Ortiz

Por su parte UFC (Zuffa) aclara esta situación. Dicen que la empresa no tiene el poder para decidir si es aproada o negada una petición de gastos médicos. Ya que esto corresponde a la compañía aseguradora que tiene contrato con UFC.

Por cierto, esta compañía aseguradora es ni mas ni menos que la infame AIG, pero sería importante saber si Tito Ortiz realizó la petición en forma y tiempo.

“It has come to the attention of Zuffa, LLC (Zuffa) that Tito Ortiz alleges the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) denied an insurance claim following the UFC 84 event. In light of Mr. Ortiz’ inaccurate statements, Zuffa is compelled to set the record straight.

“The UFC does not have the authority to deny or approve any insurance claims asserted by UFC athletes. Rather, Zuffa purchases medical insurance coverage for the benefit of fighters at levels significantly higher than those required by state athletic commissions. The decision regarding whether a filed claim is valid and therefore approved is determined exclusively through the standard review process of the insurance company AIG.”

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